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Choices: From Confusion To Clarity

Choices: From Confusion to Clarity is packed full of over 30 practical personal development exercises developed by Sara Lane to help you achieve personal change and learn to Make those CHOICES

  • Decide what you want – guiding questions
  • Your commitments
  • The Worry Buster
  • Time choices
  • Flexible Optimism, the ABCDE technique
  • The meta mirror – perceptual positions
  • The Presenter State
  • The pressures categorisation
  • Who’s on your team?
  • Roles and responsibilities success mapping
  • Know and own your strengths
  • Decoding your negative beliefs
  • Building your awareness
  • Making your move
  • Key influencers and meanings
  • Create your own life or career plan
  • A personal check in
  • The STOP tool
  • Heroes and Villains
  • Self-Affirmations – Story Editing
  • Stress Indicators
  • Conflict Resolution – seeing the world through someone else’s eyes
  • Life Balance Wheel
  • Conversations with your inner critic
  • Your motivational style
  • Peer audit
  • Solution-focused approach
  • Opinions
  • ME Plc
  • A mental spring clean
  • Your energy preference
  • Working with stressors for different ‘types’
  • Time, a self-audit
  • I say, I say, I say – a linguistic audit
  • ‘to do’ list focus

About Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane is an executive and personal career coach, trainer, facilitator, behavioural change specialist and busy mum of a 2 year old.

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