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A big thank you

There are so many people that I need to thank that I’m not sure where to start. Having ‘tried’ to write a book over the last few years the difference this time has been in the commitment to it and knowledge of how to approach it.

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One of the biggest choices I’ve made, and one I’m happy to report that I love, is becoming self-employed in 2007. My fork in the road came much earlier than planned when I made the move from my corporate life. I had joined the HR team at B&Q as the Talent Manager. This was my first ever role in HR as I’d previously qualified as an auditor (studying at a military school – but that’s a story for later) – and I’m eternally grateful to Mike my boss for taking the chance on me.

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About Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane is an executive and personal career coach, trainer, facilitator, behavioural change specialist and busy mum of a 2 year old.

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