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A big thank you

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There are so many people that I need to thank that I’m not sure where to start. Having ‘tried’ to write a book over the last few years the difference this time has been in the commitment to it and knowledge of how to approach it.

For the commitment I want to thank my husband Marcus for being the best Dad in the world. Taking little Nick out every Saturday and most Mondays so that I could write has made this book possible. It also helped seeing the photos of the fun you were having together posted on Facebook as I was writing… smiles always help the creative process! I also want to thank Jules who was there when I wavered before booking onto the authors retreat with Mindy. Your straightforward approach of ‘it’s only three months of total focus’ and ‘it’s been three months since I came to visit’ put things into perspective for me. For knowledge I want to thank Mindy at the Book Midwife for being an amazing coach. You held me to account, set deadlines and provided invaluable insights on the art of writing. I’d also like to thank Nikki, a fellow writer, who oneday during a walk on Hampstead Heath told me a home truth.

Your challenge that I didn’t need to go on a training course to learn to write was well-timed. It made me realise that it might be an excuse I was using to avoid getting started. It was the kick up the behind that I needed.

I also need to thank Martyn, Gina, Rachel, Claire, Karen, Kathryn, Steve, Nikki and Jane for taking the time to read my manuscript and give me feedback.

For inspiration and motivation I want to thank the amazing teachers, mentors, coaches and friends who include:

Jim McNeish – thank you for your wisdom, challenge and support and our walks around the lochs and lakes.

Dr Phil Holder – thanks for being such a creative mentor. You helped me build confidence exactly when I needed it.

Derek Osborn – thank you for showing me what was possible and the power of putting energy into relationships and your network.

Ian McDermott, Tim Gallwey, Tony Robbins – all for being great teachers.

Gertie Lane – thanks for being the kind of Mum that just gets on with things. For showing me first-hand the power of mind over matter and for continually ‘fixing’ yourself despite what the medics tell you. … And a huge thank you to every single client, friend and team member that I have had the privilege to spend time with. Your stories, some of which may be in this book, are an inspiration. Seeing you make the sometimes difficult choices and flourishing has been inspirational and fulfilling. You are great teachers.


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